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LNSC Cascade-Correlation Simulator applet. This links points to an executable web applet, in which you can easily train and test your own artificial neural network simulations.

LNSC Java Code Library. This links points to a downloadable package including source code and compiled versions of our BP, CC, SDCC, and KBCC neural network java software, as well as a tutorial on how to use the library.



We are not currently running any experiments on this website, but you can enjoy here a fun brain teaser task based on the Gizmo Problem Solving experiment. You are welcome to use a medical research paper writing service to learn more about it. Perhaps, it'll help you find a solution to your codingterminal problem too.

For any problems, questions, suggestions or feedback with the task please contact us at: mcgill (dot) problem (dot) solving (dot) experiment (at) gmail (dot) com

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