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Neural Art applet and Android application

(Java plugin required to view the applet below, see instructions for Chrome)

Neural networks can be artistic!

I designed a program that generates colorful plots using Cascade-correlation neural networks (based on an implementation of Cascor by François Rivest). Because values of connection weights are randomly selected, each plot is unique!

In the applet beside, click on "New image" to create new and unique neural art images. Change the number of hidden units (between 0 and 20) to vary the visual complexity of the image.

Discover Magazine Fall 2011 The Brain
android download Download the Neural Art application for Android (currenlty under development -- coming soon to the Android Market).

Neural Art gallery

Featured image in Discover Magazine

The following image was featured on pages 6 and 7 of the special edition on The Brain of the Discover Magazine (fall 2011 issue, available in paper form only).


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