Welcome - Bienvenue!

I am a software engineer for enterprise and research applications. For instance, I design and implement statistical analysis tools, machine learning algorithms, and computational models of human cognition. You can find out more about my curriculum vitea, my software engineering projects, and my research.

Je suis un ingénieur en développement de logiciels pour l'entreprise et la recherche. Par exemple, je conçois des outils d'analyse statistique, des algorithmes d'apprentissage machine et des modèles informatiques de la cognition humaine. Pour en savoir plus, je vous invite à consulter mon curriculum vitea, mes projets de développement logiciel, et mes projets de recherche.

Neural Art

Neural networks can be artistic!

I designed a program that generates colorful plots using Cascade-correlation neural networks (based on an implementation of Cascor by François Rivest). Every image is unique, as it depends on the random connection weights used to initialize networks.

Visit the Neural Art section for details.

Neural art

Problem solving challenges

Gizmo task - The counterfeit coin problem

Can you find the one gizmo that is either heavier or lighter than the rest of a set of 12 gizmos using only 3 weighings of a balance scale? Try it out!

Gizmo task

Hanjie puzzles

Play with Hanjie puzzles or watch the computer solve these puzzles for you!

Hanjie puzzle